1. What's the best way to use this site? 

 The best way to use this site is to search for the song lyrics you're looking for.
2. How can I search for a song lyrics? 

 You can search by artist, title, genre, or keyword.
3. How can I download a song?

 Here, in this website you can view the lyrics but not download the song.
4. How can I listen to the song?

 You can click on the YouTube video link mentioned in the lyrics window.
5. How can I share a song?

 You can share the song by clicking on the "Share" button in the youtube video.
6. How can I add a comment?

 You can add a comment by clicking on the "leave a Comment" button.
7. How can I contact the author of the song?

 You can contact the author by clicking on the "Contact" button.